Katie Cofield

actress & improvisor,
on camera & on the mic




On screen she's...

Trivial trivia...

  • Your kid's favorite art teacher

  • The new neighbor with skeletons in every closet

  • Your weird and cheerful paralegal with out of the blue case-winning insight

  • Your biggest hype woman

  • The gal dating your mom who just really wants you like her and give your stamp of approval

  • The mom you definitely don't want to run against for PTA President

  • Your uptight HR manager whose secret hobby is pole dance

  • Earnest, lovely, unabashed & unafraid

  • Born on Halloween... & is afraid of everything.

  • Regular volunteer with Baby2Baby.

  • Skilled & joyful improviser.

  • Long time Indoor Jungle Wrangler with 125+ plants.

  • Member of the The Ladies of the Mic podcast.

  • Speaks enough French to buy the right sunscreen in Nice in the offseason. 

  • Covers top 40 on the ukulele.

  • Past life: professional puppeteer. 

  • Married to a total hottie she’s known half her life.



Katie's rolls into the booth with:

  • Skilled & playful improvisation

  • Excellence with dialects

  • Strong mezzo-soprano vocals

  • booth inside an acoustically treated room
  • RODE NT-1
  • Scarlet Solo Interface
  • Source Connect Standard

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  • "PETE THE CREATURE" is live, so you can finally meet Professor Arcana! Thanks for having me, Earbud Theatre!

  • Loved helping create tools for Mind Matters and The Dibble Institute; the videos are part of a great curriculum to help young people dealing with trauma and PTSD.

  • Catch my face in a new spot for Facebook Rooms!

  • Una Great Movie is available on Prime Video and Vudu now, and getting really great reviews! 

  • Congrats to the Jane the Virgin team on five amazing seasons! So proud to have been part of the show.

  • Indoor plant count is upwards of 125 now, which definitely makes me a “committed collector”, not a “crazy plant lady”… right?

  • My amazing husband graduated with an MS in Social Enterprise from USC's Marshall School of Business and is now working with Alive Ventures!

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